Italy prepares to welcome the first crypto bar: Coinbar


The announced Italian crypto — Fiat trading platform Coinbar will be available starting the beginning of 2019. Its business model includes BTC, ETH, Ripple against the Euro and the exchange token, which will be used to pay the fees on the platform. 
The team is currently finalizing important agreements for a shared order book with some of the major exchanges already operating in Europe and POS payment services with immediate crypto — Fiat conversion happening directly in physical outlets. This clear project’s vision, supported by a well-known blockchain experienced legal team, reveals this as one of the most promising projects at the moment. 
That brings the question: do we really need in 2018 another crypto exchange? 
Following 2017, Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies became recognizable terms of interest especially after the extraordinary growth of this market at the end of 2017. However, we are still far from mass adoption. The actual possibilities of using crypto (besides speculative purposes) are still very limited.
Coinbar aims to impact these fundamental aspects and to become the first exchange in Italy with physical outlets, the Coinbars precisely. These hybrid locations, half way between an office and a cafeteria, will be places where even a novice can find answers to his questions, relying on the experience of qualified personnel. In addition to instilling greater confidence into the skeptics, the goal is to create a place where you can easily use cryptocurrencies on daily bases.

By half 2019 the first Coinbar will open in Rome. Here it will be possible not only to pay in crypto, but also to receive assistance about the use of the platform, to exchange ideas and opinions, as well as chilling out during an aperitif. Coinbar in fact aims to be a point of reference, combining the informal atmosphere of a bar with the professional atmosphere of an office.
In addition, the digital face of the project differentiates itself through elements of originality. Its purpose is to be an easy access point for those who have not dealt with cryptos yet. The exchange offers a basic user interface, available in several languages and it’s designed to be used in simple way to pay with the platform token inside the bars. 
Coinbar represents therefore an absolute novelty in the crypto landscape. The Coinbars aim to bring back the culture of the Blockchain to its original objective: the adoption and the global diffusion of the cryptos with their full integration in people’s life and their integral acceptance as a mean of payment.


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