Coinbar: a successful project for the adoption of the cryptocurrencies


The COINBAR project arises from the intuition of some entrepreneurs in the field of retail and e-commerce and from experts in communication and risk management.

The business model is an exchange of cryptocurrencies and fiat money, initially bitcoin, ethereum, ripple and its token utility. It will start with these cryptocurrencies but there is the possibility of integrating other coins and all the Erc20 tokens.

The exchange is just the tip of the iceberg of this project, next to which will be born a system of payments integrated to the platform for merchants who want to adopt it with the ability to pay in btc, eth or with the token itself at advantageous conditions. To this already good starting point is added the opening of the so-called Coinbar, the physical shops in the area halfway between a bar and an office that will accept the cryptocurrencies of the circuit. The virtual economy enters the everyday life, our need, to spend the cryptomena to make them fully enter the circuit of the real economy

The first Coinbar is scheduled in Rome in 2019, then in Milan, also others in Europe and, compatibly with the Brexit, in London.

“A small step in a bar, a big step for mass adoption”


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