Hacker pretends to be a woman in hard chats and extorts money, arrested


There may be a group of hackers behind the investigation that led the italian web-Police to arrest a hacker presenting under the guise of a sexy woman some erotic and dating chats, exploited contacts to send viruses to the PCs of the unfortunates, took control of the hard drives, and began to blackmail them. Identified 21 citizens who have been blackmailed, some paying, others not, but the number of contacts emerged after searches and forensic analysis of the computer equipment found at the 43-year-old home already known to investigators, they suspect that in several regions the potential victims could be over 400. Over a hundred would have reported or reported requests, sent after the malware blocked the victim’s PC by providing the hacker with photos and private conversations. In exchange for non-disclosure, the man asked for figures between 500 and 3 thousand euros in Bitcoin.