Codemotion Rome 2019, four days of programming and blockchain


From 20 to 23 March there is the Codemotion Rome, the appointment for software developers and professionals of the It world. The event is divided into two parts: in the first two days the workshops, in the remaining two the conference that will see speakers of the level international discuss the present and the future of coding. The Faculty of Engineering of the RomaTre University will host the appointment.
The agenda of the tech conference, now in its ninth edition, sees a total of sixteen in-depth trajectories, including those dedicated to software architecture, devops, mobile, big data, cloud, blockchain. And then again iot, artificial intelligence and machine learning, front-end, gamedev.
The Codemotion will offer a very wide audience of programming enthusiasts and professionals in the sector, to create a synergy, a contact that is also born from the diversity of background and experiences of the participants.

The Codemotion managers dedicate a special event to the meeting, the Cto Meeting.
For Codemotion of Rome, Danny Banks (senior Ux designer for Amazon) will be present among the speakers; Claus Ibsen (senior software engineer for Red Hat); Bermon Painter (senior Ux manager for EY Digital); Ofir Dagan, (R & D manager for; Mercedes Wyss (cto of the startup Produactivity); Jo Franchetti (web developer advocate for Samsung Internet); Katie Koschland (junior engineer at the Financial Times); Luca Cipriani (ie of Arduino); Alberto Forni (Balsamiq software engineer) and Francesco Fullone (Ideato CEO).