Fake Russian businessman with a suitcase full of waste paper would have made a scam for 42,000 euros


According to the reconstruction of the judges and the lawyer of the injured person a Serbian, resident in a nomad camp in Italy, would have credited 74.1 bitcoin during a meeting with the alleged victim who would have left a suitcase containing banknotes then revealed false.

The guy who claims to have been cheated had a good amount of bitcoin since 2011, he used to beat them from his computer when it was still possible to do so (today mincing bitcoins is much more complicated). It is not known why he decided to sell them in cash to a stranger instead of turning to the cryptocurrency trading platforms and in 2016 – when bitcoin was worth about $ 500 – he met up in a restaurant in Tuscany with this fake Russian businessman. They exchange a few bitcoins, and cash a little cash. A test to establish a contact and trust, successful. A few days later the man would have said he was willing to buy another 74 for a value of 42 thousand euros and the two would have set a new appointment, this time in Milan, where the Russian would show a case containing cash. At that point, the alleged victim would have carried out the transaction that both verified on the mobile through the respective wallet (the ‘portfolio’ of the bitcoins).
the lawyers of the cheated. The self-styled Russian businessman, later identified as a Serb who lives in a camp of Pero, tells the young bitcoiner he wants to go and wash his hands before dining. Instead of going to the bathroom, however, he leaves the restaurant leaving the boy alone who after a few minutes sniffs that something is wrong, opens the suitcase, and inside there is waste paper.
It seems the most classic of scams, like those seen for example in a film that has become a cult of Italian and Neapolitan comedy: double packet and counter-pack (Nanni Loy, 1993), even though there were bricks instead of scrap paper . The hypothesis of the lawyer of the offended party is that an accomplice sitting next to the table has exchanged the case, after verification on mobile phones.


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