‘The Crypto Dog’ predict Bitcoin near $ 1.800

‘The Crypto Dog’ is a very well known trader in the investors community of cryptocurrencies. He is considered an expert and for this reason his words are taken into great consideration. Lately he said that the listing of Bitcoin could still be up to $ 1,800. In practice, according to these forecasts, the price of the BTC, today in the area of ​​3400 dollars, could halve if not worse.
According to The Crypto Dog there could be a “final stage of the bear market”. The new downward pressure would be almost necessary in order to then allow the listing of the BTC to go back. The Crypto Dog is convinced that sooner or later the prices of the BTC and other cryptocurrencies will go up again.
In January, prices fell again: the Bitcoin in January 2019 collapsed and led to a fall also for other cryptocurrencies. In particular, in the first month of the new year the BTC price lost 9 percent while the price of Ripple fell by 17 percent and Ethereum recorded a decrease of 22 percent. The trend continues to be the bearish one.
In December 2017 the price of the BTC had reached a step of 20 thousand euros. The BTC quote today is just over 3,000 dollars. The collapse in more than a year was 80 percent and also the other cryptocurrencies followed the negative trend.