COINBAR beta-test – Call For Experts traders


To test the functionality of the trading platform we look for users on a voluntary basis to which we will open a special account with zero fee for trading, deposits and withdrawals for the duration of 6 months even after the test.

The beta phase is an opportunity reserved for a limited number of users in area SEPA, as requests are evaluated privately. As a beta tester, you will be able to use exchange functionality that is not yet available for public.

Only the BTC / EUR pair will be made available for the test.
The beta phase is a minimum duration of 2 months, within which the user must perform:
– Registration and Kyc (as exchange required);
– A deposit in euros and one of BTC of a minimum amount of € 200;
– At least 2 reports per day or at least a minimum of 50 within 30 days;
– At least 10 withdrawal requests on an external BTC wallet or in Euro;
– Users are invited to provide any feedback, report issues or comment on the general experience

Throughout the period of the beta phase, fees and commissions for deposit and withdrawal will be zero and – if the user has complied with the previous requirements – will be kept at zero in the six months following the end of the test in addition to obtaining a welcome bonus of € 30 in BTC credited to your profile.

To join the Coinbar Beta-test phase send an email to specifying name, surname, date of birth, city of residence, e-mail and telegram contact plus a brief description of your level of knowledge of the cryptocurrency market.
You will have an answer after the analysis phase of the applications for membership to complete the registration. The data provided will be used exclusively for the service offered according to privacy policy of Coinbar Spa

The beta phase will start upon communication as soon as all the participants are selected.


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